Just do Something

I am so disappointed right now. I have all of these ideas of things to write about… two – three good topics… I got up early today, did my meditation. I read a little bit, something I really wanted to reread from yesterday and took some notes. Then I opened my computer and… nothing.

I. got. nothing.

I have stared at the screen for over ten minutes, looked at pictures, tried to come up with the words, and not typed one thing. There hasn’t been one word ready to come out!!

God and I, we write together. He writes with me, and I write inspired through Him and today… nothing. All these ideas and just nope.


So now it’s time to get my daughter up and I heard… just do something. Show that something is better than nothing.

Ok, well, that is nothing like the grand plans I was thinking of, but OK.

So I put up one of my most favorite pictures ever and I’m going to pray for you and your day… and that’s it. It’s something and it’s my best for today… and that really is ok!

So if you are struggling with something today and you feel like it’s not enough… it is!! Just do something, whatever you’ve got in you, and know that it’s your best for today and that is good enough!!

Dear Lord, thank you so much for this beautiful day. It’s a big day for me with conferences and meeting with parents and it may be a big day for many of friends who are reading this right now as well. I pray that you will fill them with strength and peace and love today. That whatever they have in them to give today, they would be willing to do to the best of their ability and that they would know that it is enough. That they would know it’s ok to have a day that feels like a struggle. That it’s ok to just get through some days. That you would fill them with a feeling of peace in knowing they did their best for the day and that’s all anyone can do. Thank You for Your love towards us! Please bless this day and make it a great day! Thank you for laying the words on my heart that someone needs to hear! In Jesus name, Amen.

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