Embrace Who You Are, And the Werewolves

My daughter and I have waited excitedly for the release of the new Zombies 2 movie that premiered last night on Disney Channel. Although we didn’t watch it until this morning, it became an immediate favorite!

The message of the movie is clear: Embrace who you are. It’s ok to be different. Accept others who are different, too. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table!

I. Love. The. Message.

When we accept everyone for who they are, no one needs to “fit in.” The movies (both of them) show this through cheerleaders, students, zombies, and then werewolves. There are students brave enough to challenge the thinking that has always been… and to stand up for what is right.

How does this translate to the real world? In my classroom, I have many students who are different. Autism, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, ADHD, quirkiness (I love), behavioral diagnoses… but when they enter my classroom at the beginning of the year, they become part of the classroom Fam.

Equal footing. I set the stage for a classroom of tolerance, respect, and acceptance and as the year goes on, you can see the shift. Students are accepted for who they are. Where one student is weak, another helps. Where one struggles, another steps in. And no one needs to fit in.

Does that translate to the rest of the school? I’d like to think a little bit of it rubs off. An act of kindness, a helpful hand, a smile for another student who isn’t quite fitting in. But, no, I’m not changing the world… not just yet.

But it’s a start.

What else can I do?

I can let you know that you, too, are not alone. You think you don’t fit in, that you are weird and odd and one of the things that are not like the others.

But… that’s not truth.

We are all weird and odd and not like the others. In some ways.

And… we are all thinking the same exact thing. The same thing!! We are all thinking we don’t really fit in. That we are not the same. Not good enough. Not enough. Not enough.

Too weird. Too odd. Too not like others.

And so…. that has led me to conduct a little experiment to hopefully bring us all a little bit closer together. To show us that we are really not as weird or odd as we think we are. And I’m really hoping that it doesn’t backfire!

I did a live video just before posting this blog and I’m linking it below. Click on and watch the video and I hope you will choose to participate. The truth is, I don’t think any of us are really as weird as we think we are and I hope that my little experiment brings us closer together!

Are you weird like me????

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