Spread this Message on Valentine’s Day

This is the shirt I got this year for Valentine’s day and the message I’ve been trying to share with my kids (my students) all year long.

You Matter. You’re the reason I’m here. You’re the reason I’m teaching. You’re the reason I do this. You matter.

I’ve worn the shirt a few times already because I love it so much but as I got it out to get dressed this morning, I thought what a wonderful message this would be to share with everyone we see, greet, and pass by today, on Valentine’s Day. A great message to reach out and share to as many people as we can.

Some love this day and other’s dread it. For adults it can be over dramatized for romantic relationships. I’m not in a romantic relationship and there was a time that this day would have made me sad, but no more. I’m happy with being single and on my own and I’m excited to have a friend date tonight.

But I know there will be many sad people today, many heavy hearts, many complacent feelings, sarcasm, cynicism, and who knows what else. Broken hearts, broken relationships, relationships that have been split apart by death or long distance… today can be hard for many reasons.

So what if we all walk into today with the mindset of making everyone feel like they matter. Even for just a moment? If for a moment, we can make someone feel special… how much better would that even make us feel? How much better might we be able to make today for someone else?

We won’t know it… we don’t know who needs it… but if we take the time to put a smile or put just a teeny bit of effort into each little interaction today, we will impact someone. Perhaps many someones.

Need some ideas?

When you say good morning or hello to someone, look them in the eye and smile, for real.

When you ask, “how are you?” Stop and listen to the answer. Actually listen.

If they are really going to answer you, give them a few minutes of your time.

Hold the door for everyone you can today, and when you do, smile and say something nice.

Compliment people today. Nice dress. Great shoes. Love your smile. You walk with such confidence. Get it girl.

Go out of your way to thank anyone and everyone who does something for you. Be extra grateful.

Hug someone, if appropriate. Hug your family. More than once. Hug your kids and hold them tight. Give them some more love. It will never be too much.

Do a little something for a coworker. Walk papers over to them. Bring them a coffee. Send them a happy email. Pop a note in their box. Pay for their lunch.

Pay for the person’s drive through behind you. Or for the coffee of the person in line behind you.

Text you friends and tell them how thankful you are that they are in your life. Download some fun friend memes and send them to your friends. Call you parents/grandparents/family and wish them a good day. Tell them you love them.

What do you think? How many people can you impact on this Valentine’s day? How many people can you do just a little bit of something to let them know that they matter?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! It’s going to be a good day!

Because… we have the power to make it so!!

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