Vision Boards – How To

Yesterday I made my new vision board, and I am in love!

There are no real rules for how to make a vision board and if how I do it doesn’t really sound true to you, you can always do a google search and you will find many more ways of doing it. Aaaaaand it won’t hurt my feelings one bit! If you’re making a vision board, I will be so incredibly excited for you! I don’t care how you do it! However, here’s my way!

STEP ONE: Ask yourself some questions & make a list:

What tangible things do you want to bring into your life?

Think of things such as finances, a home, a car, a vacation, a new washing machine, appliances, new flooring, pillows that are comfortable, couches for the living room, a computer…

What abstract things do you want to bring into your life?

Peacefulness, mindfulness, gratefulness, to be debt free, to be free from doubt, to have confidence, to get a promotion or a better job, to become a blogger or generate income from your blog, to create balance in your life, to remember to breathe throughout the day, to be consistent…

What physical things are you looking for in your life/body?

To be free from an illness, to be healed, to be healthy, to lose weight, to be make consistent healthy habits, to eat real food, to exercise more, to be at a healthy weight, to lower blood pressure, to reverse type 2 diabetes, to have less pain on a daily basis, less migraines, to get back to running, to have a healthy relationship with food, to look in the mirror and love who you see…

What things are you praying to bring into your family?

Harmony, peace, loving relationships, time together, family game night, date nights, family vacations, a dinner table, road trips, a mother/daughter journal, church every Sunday, after dinner walks together, holding hands…

Make a list of the things that are most important to you, the things you want to pray about it, make affirmations about, and bring into your life in the coming future. Don’t worry about what sounds crazy or out of reach or even too small to worry about. Just brainstorm and write it all down. Aim for 10 – 20 things of all shapes and sizes. Don’t prejudge – just write.

STEP TWO: Once you have your list, start gathering images – pictures, quotes, stickers, whatever…. and here’s the most important part. Each image has to make you feel joy. It has to evoke a feeling of happiness, peace, or joy. A good feeling. This is important! Every time you look at this board, you want to feel uplifted and encouraged, so pick these images with care!

Choose some pictures of you and your favorite people that make you happy and add those. Get some pictures online and print them. Use magazines if you have them – whatever works for you. I printed a few of my favorite pictures of myself and my daughter, found some pictures online that made me happy, and just typed out some affirmations using a font that I love.

Gather pictures that say, show, or evoke the things that you want to bring into your life. Be as creative as you want! This is the FUN part! You want examples? Sure!!

So one thing that I want is to be more active. I could put exercise and a picture of someone running but that is not me. I don’t know what kind of exercise is really going to motivate me so instead I chose an end goal. I really want to go to Tree Umph, a ropes and zip lining course, one day with my daughter. It looks so ridiculously fun but I need to be in better shape! So I found a quote in a fun font that says Move Your Body and printed pictures of Tree Umph to put with it! What I need to do – “move more” – with an end goal – fun day out!

Another huge goal of mine right now is to get my own house. I mean it’s HUGE and it’s current and it’s something I’m praying over big time right now. So I found a picture of an adorable little house and glued it on my board. My house will be my oasis and an abstract desire of mine is peace so I put the affirmation “I am peaceful” right over the house. It creates a feeling of peace in me just looking at it.

One more desire of mine is to be more consistent with my blog. Now I had actually printed all of my pictures and quotes a couple of months ago and just not gotten around to creating my vision board yet. When I printed everything, I had not included anything about my blog. So I bought a set of letter stickers and wrote out blog life right in the middle… and I love how it turned out. It really stands out and, again, it makes me happy.

Above the blog life, you can see the bottom of “Real Food” written out with food… haha… and below it “Debt Free” which are two more big goals and desires of mine. Here’s the whole thing at once:

There are reminders to breathe and be mindful and in the moment. Pictures of myself that make me smile. Disney…. because, well Disney. Duh. And it’s all glued on a white foam poster board that I got at the Dollar Tree for $1. Happy, Happiness.

Anyway, as much as I love mine, remember that there is no right or wrong way to create a vision board. This just happens to be my personal process.

Create a list of desires and goals. Gather up images and quotes that make you happy and relate to your list of desires and goals. Then STEP THREE: glue them all over a board to create one awesome collage/board that makes YOU happy!

STEP FOUR: Look at your vision board every day! Smile! Be happy! Continue to pray for your desires and say your affirmations and trust that they are on their way!

Happy Sunday, friends!

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