Vision Board – My Experience

Have you heard of vision boards? Do a quick search on them and so many results will come up! I started using vision boards probably six years ago – I believe in the power of words and images and setting intentions before us.

Let me back up a bit though.

You’ve probably heard me write about affirmations – I am statements – and the importance of speaking words of truth and love to ourselves. Words have power and the more positively we speak to ourselves, the more we empower ourselves and our future. Going one step farther, I believe that what we continually speak and think, we bring into existence in our lives. That’s why it’s so vitally important to be aware of our inner self talk and to make it good talk!

Vision boards are an extension of that belief for me.

A vision board is a collection of ideas and affirmations put into image form that you want to bring about in your life. The wonderful thing about affirmations and I ams and vision boards is it doesn’t have to be true yet. You can be praying for something, believing God will answer your prayer, even when it hasn’t been answered yet. We have the faith to know it’s going to happen.

Or you can believe that you will be healthy, before it happens. You can believe and speak into existence balance in your life before it’s happened… a new job… peacefulness… whatever it is you’re looking for… believe it first, pray for it, and believe it’s coming.

So… vision boards. I love them! You create vision representations of your desires, dreams, affirmations, and goals and create a collage or board of them (See featured image) and then put it in a place where you will see it every day.

Then… go about your life! Look at it every day, but you don’t have to do anything special. Keep saying your affirmations. Feel joy when you look at your vision board, knowing those things are coming… and live your life.

It’s simple… and effective!

When I made my first vision board, I put a picture of a random car on it. I’m not a car person, to this day I don’t know what kind of car it is. It looked good and I needed a car since I was driving my parent’s car. My vision board hung on my wall for months and months. I looked at it often, but eventually it just became this thing on my wall that I never really thought much of.

One day I was in a car accident and then I HAD to buy a car. I had no idea how it was going to happen since I had previously had a car repossessed, had very poor credit, which is why I had never had the courage previously to even try… so out I went, and whatdya know, I bought a car. I was so happy!

A few days later, I glanced up at my vision board and was stunned… because the car I bought looked eerily similar to the car on my vision board!! (They are not the same car, but close enough it convinced me to make a new vision board and keep using them!!) Check it out… my car on the left, vision board car on the right! Not long later, I made my second vision board.

My second experience is even more powerful than the first… and it took longer, as well. One thing that I put on both of my vision boards was my daughters first and middle name… with my last name. She was born with ex-husbands last name. If you’ve read any of my October posts, you know he is not a good human, not a safe person.

My biggest, most fervent, prayer during 2011 – 2015 was that my daughter would be safe, forever safe. I needed an easy, positive way to say that as an affirmation and I decided the best way to do that was through her name.

The only way, literally the ONLY way, her name was ever going to be changed to my last name was going to be through a miracle and it would mean that his rights were terminated once and for all and that she would be safe. So that was an ever present thought and affirmation of mine. I would think it, say it, write it out, and put it on my vision board.

There was no logical way I saw this happening.

There were no steps I could take to make this happen.

There was no plan in place to get to this point.

It was a prayer. End of Story. It would take a miracle and God’s hand to make it happen.

But… God still works miracles, friends.

I didn’t have to have a plan, or steps to take, or even any logic to hold onto. I prayed, I made it an affirmation, I put it on my vision board, and I held onto it and God made it happen.

In 2015, my daughter officially got my last name and she will forever be safe.

I made a new vision board today. 🙂 Her name didn’t have to go on it. That felt really, really good!

Want to know how to make your own vision board?? I’ll be writing on that next!! Happy Saturday, Friends!!

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