Prayer can be weird.

So, actually, there’s probably nothing at all weird about prayer. But we, us humans, we can surely make it weird.

Am I doing it right?

Should I have said that? Is that allowed?

Can I talk like that? Shouldn’t I sound more… religious? holy? more like the pastors do? Don’t I need, like, more bible verses when I pray?

OMG Did I really just tell God that I’m pissed off and so angry I’m about to lose it?!

Is it really ok to say, Hey God, I have no idea what to say so will you please just listen to my rambling racing thoughts and make sense of it for me?

Is it prayer when it doesn’t really feel like prayer?

Do I keep trying when I don’t even know if it’s actually “praying” or just rambling?

See? Weird, Right? Or… is that just me?

I used to pray a lot, go to church a lot, be that perfect Christian. Then a lot of trauma. Then a lot of holding onto God to survive. Survival mode is, well survival mode. The brain isn’t doing a whole lot of thinking then… just getting through.

Then the last few years, I would describe myself as spiritual. I love God and I love others and that’s how I want to live my life. Not religious, per se. Just loving God and loving others.

But… my prayer life had slacked and now I’m working on rectifying that. And it’s gotten… weird.

Yet, I pray.

I keep going because I don’t think God really cares if it’s weird to me or not. He just wants to hear from me. And he can take the anger, confusion, rambling racing thoughts, requests, thankfulness, praise however it comes.

I don’t believe it has to be religious or sound lofty or well anything. I don’t believe it has to be anything. I don’t think God has placed parameters on exactly how prayer has to sound.

We do that. We judge ourselves and say it’s not good enough and then… stop… praying. And it’s so sad.

Just pray, friends. However it comes out, however it may sound to you, just pray. Talk to God. Tell Him about your day, your needs, your praises. Share your day with Him and allow Him to be a part of your life.

Don’t be afraid of how weird it sounds. To God, it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful conversation with a dearly loved child. Like when my punkin was one and she babbled to me in nonsense… and it was the sweetest sounds in the world. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t words, it was conversation and it was love.

So share and talk and love God through your conversation.

Happy Tuesday, Friends.

3 Comments on “Prayer can be weird.

  1. Well said. I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing very insightful. Our church has a saying LOVE GOD , LOVE PEOPLE, SHARE JESUS


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