New Year, Part 2 – Intention

Ahhhh the meditation was so good this morning!! It goes right along with what I wrote about yesterday! It was about setting an intention for the new year rather than a resolution.

Tamara Levitt of the Calm App says that a resolution is often focused on what is wrong with your life whereas an intention is about what you want to create in your life for the new year.

It’s not about judgement or measuring success or failure – it’s a focus word, an intention to bring about something good this year in your life. I love, love, love the way she explained it.

If you’re looking for a way to meditate, the Calm App is amazing. It’s $60 a year, but well worth it, in my opinion. No, I’m not getting paid to say that, in case you were wondering.

Yesterday, I thought about what I wanted my word for the year to be and my ideas were: flow, living in the flow, being in the moment, be here, just be, living life, being present.

After this morning’s meditation, I want to rethink, again, what exactly it is I want more of in my life this year. Why do I want to be in the moment? in the flow? Why do I want to be present?

Part of it is to calm my mind. My mind runs so much – my anxious thoughts, racing thoughts are exhausting. I want to quiet my mind, to be able to think about and focus on one thing. Do just one thing. A quiet mind. What’s that like?

I don’t want to worry about what others think. I want self-confidence that says I’m totally happy with who I am. (Without words of course. Inner confidence)

I don’t want to worry.

I just want to live my life.

I have a great life with the best priorities. Be a good Mom, good teacher, good friend, take care of myself, help others, go to Disney as much as possible, and take great pictures.

So I want to continue doing all of those things with a quiet mind and inner confidence.

What word encompasses that??

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