New Year

It’s the first blog of the new year!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but it is a new beginning and a good time to look at your goals and reevaluate or continue on.

When I was thinking about this blog post last night, my mind sounded something like this…

How am I going to write about goals? I fail at goals all the time! Hello Weight Watchers? Low Carb? Nutrition?

Is it failing if you do something for over a year, then stop for two months? Is that failing?

What are my goals? There’s so many! What do I write about? What do I tackle first? How do I measure success? What if everyone always sees me as a failure?

I’m not a failure at most things, really, I just struggle with the whole food thing…

I’m sure you get the point. My mind is a raceway, with thoughts flying by miles per minute.

The thing is – I know what works for me. I know the things that make me feel good as a human. I know what makes me feel happy, healthy, alive, safe, and the least stressed.

  • Meditation & Prayer
  • Quality time with my punkin
  • Eating Real Food versus Processed Food
  • Moving More (Yoga & Walking are just fine)
  • Drinking plenty of water (90oz or more)

That’s my list. Those are my must-haves to feel good, healthy, and happy.

So, I guess the question then becomes “How do I measure success?”

Interestingly enough, I did the New Year’s Meditation from the Calm App this morning and during the meditation she asks us to look at ourselves from an outside perspective and question: What is something you need to give up or let go of in the new year?

The answer that came to me was perfectionism and the need to be good enough.

I am the only one keeping score here. I am the only one asking how am I going to judge my success at life! I am the only one trying to decide how many times of meditation makes me a success vs a failure!! No one else is keeping tabs on me!

These are things to do because I want to do them, because they make me happy and they make me feel good. Not to keep score, or tabs, and I don’t need to keep track in order to prove that I’m good enough or successful enough. These are just life things.

Somewhere along the line it became this competition – drink 90oz of water or it’s not good enough. 88oz? Sorry, not good enough. You didn’t win the day.

Your goal is to walk 7,000 steps and you only hit 6,982… darn. You lose. Or, even better… you hit your step goal for 3 weeks but then missed a day and now you feel bad about yourself, right? Because you failed?

You ate real food for ten days straight and then ate crap over the weekend? Wow, failure.

Ridiculous right? I mean, the focus becomes on the times you don’t hit the goal instead of the times you do when in reality, you hit the goal way more times than you miss!

But besides that, it shouldn’t be a competition anyway!! It’s life! I do not want to live my entire life as a competition, getting to the end of the day to feel like a winner or a failure based on how the day went.

I just want to live my life!!

I’m rambling a bit and worried that this has gone on too long, but I’ve been having this epiphany as I’ve been writing! Meditation and prayer, then writing and it’s coming out as new thoughts for the new year!

I had decided that my word for the new year was going to be commitment… but that just won’t work after this morning of writing. So there will need to be a part 2 to this blog for my word for the new year! Have a wonderful day today, friends!!

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