Take 27,463

Obviously, I haven’t been eating healthy. I’ve been talking to some friends, talking to my counselor and it’s time to start… again.

One of these times, it will stick. I will do it. I will conquer, I will win, I will succeed.

I’ve decided to go back to low-carb. Not Keto, as it was too restrictive but low carb and walking. It doesn’t really get much simpler than that. The truth is, though, that any of the things I’ve tried, done, want to do would work… as long as I do.

It’s not the program or way of eating that matters, it’s me and my ability to stick with it. Not ability… my… I don’t even know the word. It’s just whether I do it or not. I know I can… so it’s if I do it.

My sweet friend said, “You have to just do it. You can cry, be mad, whatever, but you just do it.”

Another friend said, “You have to face it one minute at a time. Just get through this minute. Then the next, then the next. Only focus on one minute at a time.”

And my counselor said, “It’s a choice. You need to ask yourself – Do you want to act on your commitment to healthy living or your feelings? When you’re in the moment, ask yourself – commitment or feelings?”

I’m good at the excuses. I’m good at saying I can’t do it and it’s just too hard right now. It’s never going to be easy. Not for me. So it just has to be done.

I also decided I needed an simple affirmation to say to go along with this. The whole “living a healthy life is easy”…. well everything in my being fights against saying that because it’s really not in any way easy. I do believe in choosing some affirmations that don’t feel right and pushing through them until they become true but for me, not in this case. I want one that I can already sink my teeth into. So here it is…

I choose a healthy happy life.

The ball is in my court. The choice is mine. I can do hard things. Instead of trying to convince myself that this is easy, I’m going to accept that it is hard but also remind myself that I can do hard things. That I have always conquered every challenge set before me. That I am a winner and a warrior and this is a battle I can fight and win. I can choose to fight and I can choose to win.

Whew. Here goes.

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