The Shoulds

Should is a dirty word.

Third grade students should meet these standard expectations.

My kid should be able to focus and do well in school.

I should be able to resist fast food and lose weight.

But what if those 3rd grade students have learning disabilities?

What if your kid struggles with anxiety making it hard to attend to what’s in front of her?

What if your hormones are so out of control it makes it nearly impossible to reach your weight loss goals?

Should is a dirty word.

Should makes you feel guilty and ashamed. Should make you doubt yourself. Should leads to lack of self love and acceptance. Shoulds are expectations put on you by society and others. Nothing good comes from should.

Accept where you are right now. Notice it and accept it and realize it’s OK. It’s O.K.

Nothing about those expectations are bad but expectations without giving yourself credit for where you are and what you’ve come through do you no good.

It’s great to have goals and it’s great to work towards those goals, I encourage you to set goals and strive for them… but I think we need to let go of the should.

We will get there when we get there. We can celebrate every small success on the way and accept our current situation as reality. Necessary parts of our journey.

If there is no should, we can be OK with where we are in this present moment. We can savor this present moment and love ourselves just the way we are. And isn’t that the best goal anyway?

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