I don’t know what to write today, I just know it’s been too many days since I’ve written.

I struggle with migraines and I’ve had one for about 4 days. It started Wednesday night but was manageable with some medicine. I needed to take Rae to the doctor so had the day off anyways and took care of that. By Thursday night, I was pretty rough. I put in for another sub for Friday. I then slept – off and on – only waking up to take medicine from Thursday night to Saturday evening.

Last night, I finally started to feel like myself. I got up and moving around, but was back asleep by 9pm. This morning I feel… off. I’m hoping it’s just the migraine hangover although I can feel my heartbeat pounding throughout my head.

Did you know there are 3 (sometimes 4) stages to a migraine?

First, there’s the prodrome. It comes a day or two before the actual migraine. For me, I get so fatigued that it’s hard for me to drive to and from work. Pure exhaustion and I have trouble thinking clearly. Almost like medicine head feeling, hard to concentrate. It can also cause irritability, depression, cravings, sensitivity to light and sounds, nausea, and insomnia.

The crazy thing is – I only learned that there are phases to migraines a couple of months ago! And I’ve had migraines my whole life! They are, however, getting much worse for some reason.

The second stage only some people get and it’s called the aura. This only lasts up to an hour and causes changes in vision, loss of vision, and numbness or tingling in the body. I don’t actually experience this stage.

The third stage is the actual migraine. This was what knocks me down for the count. I cannot function in this stage. What it feels like for me – throbbing pain, drilling ice pick in my head, unbearable pain, sensitivity to light and sound, neck pain and stiffness, and sometimes nausea. Other symptoms can be burning, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

The fourth stage is the postdrome. The lasts for 1 – 2 days after the migraine. I have always called it the hangover because it was the word that made the most sense to me. Not that I’ve had a lot of hangovers! I just didn’t realize all theses stages had actual names until recently.

During the postdrome, it’s hard to concentrate and you feel extremely tired/fatigued. You may also experience depressed or euphoric mood. (Euphoric? I’d like that, please.)

I’ve suffered with migraines all my life but in the last three months, they have gotten so much worse. They hit me harder and last longer and I’m missing out on days of life every month. So I am working with a doctor to get control of it.

The first thing we tried were triptans. I was so excited for these. You take them at the first signs of a migraine and they stop the migraine! I tried those last month and they worked… in a way. It would stop the migraine but then it came back 10 hours later. So… that’s not really a win for me. But they help many, many people and they are worth a try if you have migraines!

The second attempt was a different medicine that you take a few days before your period. (Mine are all triggered by hormones.) It was about time to try that one when the pharmacy called the doctor to let them know that it interacts with a different medicine that I’m on and is a no go. So, I didn’t even get to try that one.

The third attempt I’ll be starting this week. It’s called Topamax and you take it daily in order to prevent migraines from happening. I’m really hoping this one works because I don’t want another month that consists of days of pain! If you think of it, pray the medicine will be successful! Thanks!

So, now you know more than you wanted to know about migraines… then again, maybe it will help someone who suffers from migraines as well! There are options out there if you’re willing to try to find the right one.

Happy Sunday!

3 Comments on “Migraines

  1. you poor thing! I have never suffered with migraines – luckily I get the weird visual bit, but no actual pains. My daughter though, well, she used to get them every few months, she would be deathly pale with black circles under her eyes, and like you they would last for days. She hasn’t had one for a few years though, and neither of us know what’s changed. Maybe it was while she was going through puberty, and the hormone imbalances? who knows. good luck with the new medication.


    • So wonderful that hers just stopped! Mine are definitely related to hormones! Fingers crossed for the new medicine!

      Liked by 1 person

      • fingers are definitely crossed – I can’t cope with normal headaches, I can’t begin to imagine how migraine sufferers cope!


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