I am Not Alone

Lord, Thank you for this day. Thank you for the little and big things you send my way, each and every day. Thank you to the teachers that sent me Doritos yesterday, the friend that brought me unsweet tea when I ran out of time, the one who gave me her favorite Rae Dunn notebook just because she knows I love it too, the friend who lets me make coffee in their room whenever I want.

I am so blessed.

Thank you for loving me through these friends, these people, these coworkers.

The world is full of your amazingness and blessings that you send and surround us with every single day. The feel of water running, the sunrise and sunset, the hugs from students, the dragon that loves to snuggle, the friends that reach out to encourage and share themselves.

You pour love over us every single day… but we don’t see it. I’m praying that You show me that I am loved unconditionally and one of the ways You are doing this is in the daily moments of love. The random acts of kindness that aren’t so random.

Thank you for this first glimpse into what Your love looks like. I pray that You will shower everyone who is struggling, like I am, with these moments of love. I pray that You will help us to recognize the moments, these hugs from You, these sweet gestures of kindness as one of the ways You love on us daily.

My blog has turned into prayers this week… and I’m ok with that. Sharing my prayers aloud with You and with everyone else too. Because it turns out that I am not alone and that others struggle with the same things. I pray that you will show me Your love, Your unconditional, undeniable love and that I will be able to show others as well.

Thank you for this day and the opportunity to share and love on others as well.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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