Passion & Confidence

My daughter took gymnastics when she was 3 and 4 years old, then took a break to try some different sports. We typically commit to one sport per year, deciding at the beginning of the year (school year) what sport to join. This year, something magical has happened.

Passion & Confidence.

For the first time, she walks into the gym like she’s meant to be there. She practices with all of heart and it doesn’t phase her one bit when she crashes and fails. She hops right back up, listening to her coaches advice, and does it again. And again and again and again… until she gets it.

I’ve watched her achieve a vault handstand fall over (no idea if that is what it’s actually called) in one practice. I’ve seen her go from having no clue really how to do a cartwheel to doing one within a week of being taught. Practicing over and over outside of the gymnastics class.

She comes home and watches gymnastics YouTube videos and practices her kick stands and cartwheels in the house. She lifts herself up on the counter and holds to build strength. She is passionate.

And the confidence. It’s so beautiful. It’s in the way she walks at the gym, holds her head up high, and never gives up. It’s in the way she can jump from the car and run into the gym and head to her team without me. Without me even getting out of the car.

She has had her own struggles in her young life, but gymnastics is giving her something very special and I could not be more excited, more proud, more thankful.

She has been doing I ams since she was 3 years old. I have spoken love and truth and affirmations into her since that time as well. We have our rough months still… but seeing this… this new confidence and passion in her makes it all worth it.

My girl – strong, brave, confident, and powerful.

May she continue to grow in those traits and pass them on to others as well.

I love you, my punkin!!

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