Disney Pirates!

Did you know there is place to meet Captain Jack Sparrow at Magic Kingdom? And possibly become one of the special chosen kids to train in front of the crowd?

The cast members do such an awesome job of creating magic everywhere you go! On this particular day, my daughter was jumping up and down wanting to be chosen. Captain Jack said “You! Nothing says pirate like little pink shorty shorts!” Hahaha!

She loved it! She ran up on stage with a few other kids and listened to Captain Jack. He taught them how to fight like a pirate and they got to practice against another pirate. I was teary. Yes, I’m that mom. To see your kid experiencing the magic in such a cool way gets me every single time!

The magic is one of the reasons I love Disney so much! One of? Basically THE reason we go. The Magic!!

This particular event happens right across from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Magic Kingdom and happens throughout the day. If you get the chance to try it, you should! It’s a lot of fun!

Whenever you can, immerse yourself in the moment and allow yourself to believe in all the magic there is. Have a happy Friday!!

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