Be Here Now

Get in the habit of noticing the things around you, the things right in front of you. To be present is to stop thinking about the past, to stop worrying about the future and just be here. Just here in the now.

When we can set aside the past and future to be here now, we are given such a beautiful gift. It’s a gift of joy and peace.

When we live in the moment, we fully experience it. We take in the sights, sounds, and smells of what that moment. There is so much more in the moment than we realize! Because our minds are so often preoccupied with other things!

Being in the moment is truly looking at your daughters precious face while she asks you to play another game. Have you ever set everything aside to just play? No phones, no thinking about chores or lesson plans. Just play. And watch her face. Her dimples. Her sarcasm and wit. And smile and laugh and hug that kid because the moment is just beautiful.

Or have you ever just done your lesson plans? I mean, I’m not saying they are fun or precious, but I’m amazed at how quickly they are finished when it’s the only thing I’m focusing on! Then, I can move on to the next thing!

Do you look at the clouds, the sunrise or sunset, as you drive?

Do you fully commit to singing that song on the radio?

Do you engage everything in you to watching that new movie? You know, to the point that you laugh, jump, cry throughout the scenes?

Do you sit and really talk to your friend? Really listen to what she has to say and respond thoughtfully? As opposed to checking your messages and listening with half an ear?

When you commit to the moment, it makes everything so much more special. You see more, hear more, feel more than you ever could if your mind was half occupied by anything and everything else.

This is a skill that I am very much still working on. It’s hard to set aside the things that need to be done, the what ifs of the future, and let go of the things that have already happened. It’s challenging. It doesn’t come natural.

But it’s something we can learn and grow in. It’s something we can practice every day, several times throughout the day. Set out notes for yourself and reminders to be in the moment. Live in the here and now. We will need reminders because it’s so easy to slip into worry or an overactive mind.

The more we live in the here and now though, the more we live! We don’t have time to lose ourselves to the past traumatic or annoying things that have happened in our lives! And worrying about the future is pointless… we have no idea what’s going to happen! It’s time to stop wasting our lives away!

It’s time to live. Here and Now. Be in the moment. Be here now.

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