Just try it

A couple of years ago, this was the make up that went with my daughter’s costume. I cannot even remember who the character was at this moment! I do remember thinking “I’m not sure if I’m good enough to do the makeup.”

I’ve never been one to wear much make up and don’t have a lot of experience with it. But that is such a limiting thought. Not sure if I’m good enough? No. No, I wasn’t going to let that be the reason that my punkin didn’t get to dress up as who she wanted to be!

So off we went to pick out some blues and eyeliner and red lipstick. I told you I didn’t wear makeup often, but when I did it certainly wasn’t blues and reds!

She sat in front of me and I just tried it. Did my best. And we loved how it came out!! It was so fun! Imagine if I had just stayed with the thought of “not sure I can do it!” We both would have missed out on a fun experience!

Once hers came out so well, I decided to try something on myself as well. My friends had just started their beauty and makeup groups and were doing Halloween tutorials and the scarecrow looked easy enough and cute.

With some positive thoughts and now excitement over trying something new, I went for it and loved it!

Me, the girl who never felt good enough to wear day to day makeup, was able to do two cute Halloween looks that year. Yes, friends! It was so fun!

When presented with a new experience, don’t let anything hold you back. Just try it. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work out? Ok, at least you tried and you know! Chances are you are going to have fun whether you are successful or not!

The bottom line is our attitude. We can be afraid of new things… which most likely will stop us from even trying. Or we can embrace the idea of trying new things and enjoying the experience win, lose, or fail. It’s the experience that matters the most!

Some things we will love and embrace and continue! Some things we may try and say been there, done that, now no need to do it again. And some things you may never attempt again… and that’s OK! Because you tried it in the first place! So much better than never giving it a go!

Have I ever told you about the time my best friend Mandy and I tried to cut our Disney shirts? We bought these adorable Minnie Mouse shirts at Walmart and had saved all kinds of images from pinterest and tutorials on how to cut it so it looked really cute. We got out the scissors and went to town!

Oh, huge pinterest fail. By the time we were done, the shirts were in threads, they were unwearable, and my friend’s oldest son was shaking his head and swore to never let us near scissors again. #truestory

You know what though? It was so freakin funny. We still talk about that day and laugh. What if we had said “nah it looks too hard?” Well, for one, we would still have those cute Disney shirts but we wouldn’t have the memories!!

I haven’t attempted to cut another shirt since then. Not saying I wouldn’t… with help perhaps… but I think you get the point.

Just try the things! Try them and enjoy the experience! Life is fun!

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