Sometimes strong looks like getting out of bed in the morning and going to work.

It looks like feeding your kids, getting them to school, and picking them up and feeding them again.

It looks like breathing in and out, all day long.

Sometimes strong looks like quietly leaning your head on your friend’s shoulder.

Sometimes it looks like taking a nap, or a bath, or a shower.

It can be reaching out to friends to talk when you’d rather keep it in.

Strong can be taking a walk, going for a swim, or sitting on a beach.

Strong can look like getting up at 5am and writing a blog despite how you feel.

Strong is helping someone else when you feel empty inside.

Strong is sitting with the yucky feelings until they pass, knowing that they will at some point.

Strong is gratefully accepting kind gestures from people who care about you.

Strong is looking at things from the other person’s perspective with empathy.

Strong is saying I ams when you don’t want to.

Strong is putting on praise and worship music when you’d rather cry.

Sometimes strong is crying. Crying hard.

Strong is being a kind human when you’re hurting and not following the pattern of hurt people hurt other people.

Strong is believing in your own worth no matter what others say.

Sometimes strong doesn’t really look like strong at all.

But it is.

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