Weight Watchers – Week 6

So this happened today…

NINE? 9?? In one week? I stepped on the scale seven different times to double check. I have not, ever, in my life seen weight loss like that in one week.

I try not to make the focus of this weekly post about the numbers. Numbers do not define me, do not label me, are not the primary focus on my goal. I want to be healthy and feel good.

But come on, friends, this feels good too!

I’m sharing because my mind is all over the place… ranging from that is freakin amazing… to… that’s not right. It’s running from you achieved that by working hard and tracking every single day to you didn’t earn that because it’s not real.

Amazing how easily our minds want to steal our joy sometimes, yes?

I’m aware that with a huge loss this week, next week I may not see as much if any. But why should that matter today?

Today, I get to be happy. Today, I get to be proud of the hard work I’ve put in and celebrate that it’s paying off. Today, I will not let worries of future failures or struggles ruin what I have at this moment.

So what I’ve been eating? A lot of chicken – always, haha, but I love chicken and it’s zero points. I’ve had some taco bell moments with their chicken chalupa for 9 pts. I made a buffalo chicken dip out of chicken, hot sauce, ranch packet, and… greek yogurt!! I did add some whipped cream cheese too and it was ahhhmazing.

And last night, this! Pizza dough made from 2 ingredient dough. I split the dough into two halves so I could try two different kinds – one has pesto as the sauce, ground chicken cooked and seasoned, fat free mozzarella (not really a fan of ff but I tried it) and drizzled with a basalmic glaze. The other has a sugar free barbq sauce with chicken and cheese. I should have added some onions to that one! They were both delish though.

I eat corn with feta just about every single day and lots of fruit. For breakfast, I’ve been making toast with 45 calorie wheat bread topped with whipped chive cream cheese and a fried egg. Yum.

I don’t feel deprived, other than having to fight the feeling of eating fast food all the time and just eating what I want, when I want. But the food I eat is delicious and I’m happy with it. It’s the mental battle I fight most days.

This week, though, I win. 🙂

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