Self Care

I feel like this right now.

I haven’t slept well in 4 – 5 days… crazy dreams got me waking up throughout the night and starting the day exhausted. I also have a cold, thank you students.

I was going to just skip writing today. I think it would fine to skip a day here or there, especially when not feeling well but something in me pushed me on to find a picture and start typing so let’s see where this goes. I really have no idea.

I’m tired and not feeling well to the point of it messing with my head. The point where I start feeling like it’s not worth it to keep working hard… Who even cares… Does anyone even appreciate what I do… So what if I gain or lose weight… What I do is not making a difference. Meh. Blah. Ick.

I believe when you need rest to take it. When you’re not feeling well, take care of yourself. You need to stay home from work, by all means do it. But for me, on a Monday, with my class, and the sub plans… nope, not worth it.

So, I guess today, I’m going to focus on all those yucky feelings that sometimes sneak up when you’re physically drained. I don’t actually believe any of those thoughts up there… but when you’re body is sick and tired, it’s harder to stay mentally focused and thankful for all the good we have. And it’s a lot easier to let all the negative self talk slip back in.

We have to fight that. During these times, it becomes even more important to practice self care and positive self talk and affirmations.

I am loved. I am safe (feeling this blah kicks up my anxiety). I am well. I am healthy. I am peaceful. I am capable. I am kind. I am beautiful. I am strong.

Whether I think these things at the moment or not (and truly I don’t when I’m feeling like this), I need to say them and keep them at the forefront of my mind today. I need my mind to overcome my body today. At the very least, I need to try.

I need to give myself grace today and patience. Some self care on my to do for today involves hot tea, emergen-c vitamin packets, listening to a positive audible book on the way to work, leaning on my friends, and an early night tonight – possibly with something to help me sleep!

When you are tired and have a cold, your mind starts telling you things are way worse than they really are. It’s harder to stay positive, it’s more difficult to get yourself going, and it’s much easier to let little things destroy your mood and your day.

So be aware. Notice things today. Notice when your mind starts spiraling and stop it with positive affirmations, good music, a conversation with a friend. When your body starts feeling worse, give it a rest, take some medicine, lay your head down for a few moments if possible.

Be kind to yourself and kind to your body. A lot of energy is going to healing process and fighting that virus or cold, so be loving to yourself. Be grateful for the amazing bodies we have that work so hard for us.

Dip into your self-care toolbox as much as you need to today…. and know that not every day is like today.

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