Weight Watchers, Week 5

I stepped on the scale and weighed myself for weigh in Wednesday and I gained 1.8 pounds. I am so glad.

Wait… What? Have you lost your mind? You’re glad?

Yes. A firm yes.

Here’s the thing. I know myself pretty well.

Two weeks ago, I struggled with a bad day/had a hard time with my period and still managed to lose almost 3 pounds.

This past weekend, I went away and had a blast. I ate all the wonderful foodie things, had a margarita, and enjoyed every moment to the fullest.

If I had lost weight again, it would be reinforcing some unhealthy habits. I mean, if I can blow it for two whole days, not hold myself accountable, and still lose weight… what would be the point of all the hard work?

Of course, intellectually I’d know it’s worth it but again, I know me and I didn’t get in this situation by thinking about food in healthy balanced ways. Having lost weight this week would have made it so easy for me to make excuses every week. “Oh, it will be fine. I can skip a day here or there, it still works…” Ya feel me? I would take full advantage.

So, I’m ok with gaining some weight this week. I mean, it’s not like I want to go up rather than down, but I do want to know the program works when you work it to keep me motivated to sticking to the plan. There is plenty of room within the plan to splurge and indulge while keeping a reasonable balance and that is what I want for myself.

So I’ll take the hit this week, be thankful for it, and keep moving forward.

This week: +1.8 lbs Total: – 11.4 lbs

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