Dichotomy & Food

Dichotomy. Noun. A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Am I allowed to write about foodie events and deliciousness one day while on other days share my health and weight loss journey?

It seems strange for me to consider it… like, pick a lane, sister… but these are two very real and very important sides of me right now. On the one hand, I want to lose weight, get healthy, feel good, and get rid of health problems in order to live my best life.

On the other hand, I love food and part of living my best life is just going to involve indulging in the wonderful things this world has to offer. Really, it is just is.

I’ve already shared my desire to find balance in my life… a life where I can eat things I love at times but balance it out by making great healthy choices the other times. I probably over did it this weekend but I am looking at this as a journey and a process and I will get better at it with time… as long as I don’t give up.

But for now, my weekend!

One of my closest friends and I went to Orlando for the weekend to enjoy Sea World’s Craft Beer Festival. We also just happened to find one of the best Mexican restaurants we’ve ever been to, by chance! For real, it was attached to our hotel!

Shall we start with the margarita? Now, I’ve never actually had a margarita to compare it to (crazy right?), but my friend has and she says it’s one of, if not the best, she’s ever had. You’ll have to take her word for it… as far as I’m concerned, I’m now a big fan of margaritas!

My first ever Margarita

Besides the drinks at Torilla Rica, the food and service was incredible as well. The empanadas with queso, the pork carnitas tacos, and the guacamole will have me dreaming about this place until my next Orlando trip!


That was Saturday night and Sunday was Sea World! We got a 12 sampler lanyard to share among the four of us (our daughters were with us!) and we enjoyed every single thing we ate and drank! I’ll save the absolute winner for last, so let’s start with the donuts…

Bacon and Maple will always have my heart… so this was a must try and just happened to be our first stop. I was surprised they gave so many donuts in one order! Everyone liked these, except for my daughter. They were sweet and soft and the salty bacon was the perfect partner!

Another stop involved french fries with beer cheese sauce and green onions… we may have ended up back here because of the girls. They were a big hit. Then, there’s this beauty.

I love reality cooking shows (Top Chef/Masterchef in particular) and the chefs seem to love short ribs so this was another must have on my list. They were infused with coca cola butter barbq and the flavor was ahhhmazing. I did expect them to be more tender, but still no complaints!

Along the way, we enjoyed some Tropical Cider (Yummmm) and Cream and Sugar Ale but the best of the day, the grand finale was….

The Kobe Slider with tomato bacon jam!! My daughter woke up this morning asking for this burger, dreaming for another bite so I’m going to explain this using her words, and I quote, “When I looked at it, I said it looked disgusting, but when I took a bite… big sigh ahhhhh… peace. It changed my life. Literally.”

There you have it, my weekend summed up by food. Thanks for reading, friends! Wednesday Weigh In for Weight Watchers should be interesting!!

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