Weight Watchers, Week 4

Oh, friends, has it ever been an up and down week.

If you read my blog daily, you know that I totally blew it last Thursday because I felt compelled to write about it Friday. The rest of the week was quite a roller coaster but I have a few takeaways from it to share.

On Friday, I did pretty well. Thursday had been such a bad day and it felt horrible – then I wrote and told ya’all about it so I felt the need to do better on Friday. On Saturday, my daughter and I drove down and spent the day in Naples. While there, we went to Brook’s Gourmet Burgers and Hot Dogs. Apparently it’s been voted #2 burger joint in the U.S.

So. You know. I had to have a burger.

I ate very few points for breakfast and I ordered the burger. With Eggs. And bacon. And Cheese. I did skip the mayo and fries even though they looked freakin amazing and I got their famous cole slaw instead (with pecans and cranberries.) Not sure how much better it was in points but at least it wasn’t battered and fried!

It was delish. Every single bite. My punkin ate her entire foot long corn dog, all her fries, and some of my burger if that tells you anything.

I tracked the points the best I could, considered the restaurant isn’t on the app and moved on with the day. Happily.

I ate a very low point dinner and considered the day a success – I got to enjoy a good meal out but did my best to track and balance it out with the rest of the day. Cheers to me!

Sunday… the roller coaster continued. I had a migraine – that monthly migraine I get with my period. I just didn’t care. I ate a lot that day, being miserable. Everything I ate was low points but I didn’t bother tracking in the app or even paying attention to portion sizes. I do feel bad about that.

Monday and Tuesday were my chance to try to balance out more of the week. I ate way under my points by using zero point foods and I walked on the treadmill. Do the best every day, right? Even when the best looks way different from day to day.

Like I said… roller coaster.

Here’s what I learned this week:

  1. I have the ability to have a bad day and immediately turn it around and do well the next day. That’s not something I’ve ever done before. One day always led into one week or more. This is huge as far as I’m concerned.
  2. When I do eat more on one day, I have the ability and chance to balance it out on other days… A balanced week is way better than a week where I’ve thrown in the towel. No matter how bad one day can be.
  3. The week of my period, I better come up with a plan on how to handle those crazy emotions and cravings.

Wanna hear something crazy? I still lost weight. I think I’m officially sold on Weight Watchers being awesome. It’s truly teaching me about foods – their nutritional value – and how to create balance in my life.

Happy Weight Watchers Wednesday Friends!

Weekly weight loss: 2.8 lbs Total weight loss: 13.2 lbs Woohoo!

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