The Mirror

One of the hardest things to do is to look in the mirror and like what we see. All over the world, women look in the mirror and comment on what they see as flaws. They immediately look straight at what they don’t like.

Why is this? Why do we always go to the negative? And who said that feature was not good enough anyway?

We are critical of ourselves, women are. Just as we are hard on ourselves in every other area, the mirror can be a real battle.

Just like other areas though, we can change that. We can learn to look in the mirror and call out the things we love. We can turn the negatives into positives and embrace them. We have the ability to alter our perception any time we like! That’s a gift of being human.

When I look in the mirror, I can focus on my weight – which is the part of me that I’m least happy with. Or I can look at my hair – which I personally love, my skin, my smile, my eyes… You get the point. There are parts of me that I love to look at and I can put my focus on those first, and really change my attitude when I see a mirror.

Beyond that, or perhaps once I master that, I can move on to accepting and loving the parts of me that I currently don’t like. Yes, I’m heavy but I’m also very strong. Yes, my stomach is big but it carried my daughter, the most important human in the world to me. Thank you, body, for being quite amazing!!

My counselor once challenged me to look in the mirror and talk to myself the way I talk to Raegan. It’s so awkward and weird. It looks something like this… “Christy, you are beautiful. You are so strong and brave. I love you. I love how you keep trying every day. I love how you get up after you fall. I love you… every bit of you.”

Try it… it’s so weird. But why is it weird? Why don’t we always talk to ourselves like that? I don’t know… but we should. We should love ourselves and focus on the good. Self love – it’s vital to our happiness and our mental well-being.

We gain nothing by constantly beating ourselves up and pointing out the flaws so why don’t we try something different? Why don’t we try to see ourselves as magnificent, made in God’s image, full of life and beauty?

Next time you look in the mirror, I challenge you to try it… and then keep doing it.

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