Weight Watchers & Events, Week 3

Today ended week 3 of Weight Watchers and I’m feeling so good about it! I had two “events” this week and this is how it went…

On Thursday, my daughter had to miss out on gymnastics (and gymnastics is life according to her) because I had to stay late at work. I told her I would take her out to Moes, one of her favorites. One of my favorites.

Thursday is the day after Wednesday, which means it’s early on in the week to use my bonus points! So, I went on the app ahead of time and calculated how many points my salad would be (I do love the salad) plus 1/3 of the chips and 1/3 of the queso. Perfect plan.

Well… unless you’ve had Moe’s chips and queso. Could I really stop at just a few? It turns out – no. So I changed the portion size in the app to the whole darn thing and used about half of my weekly bonus points. That’s what they are there for though, right? It was so good.

All is well and good but then on Saturday night, we had a party to go to. I saved several of my points during the day by eating zero point foods plus had stored all of the weeklies that I had left after Thursday. The party food was amazing… and I didn’t want to sit and calculate points at the party so I filled my plate and ate and enjoyed.

But I didn’t fill my plate the way I normally would have. Before weight watchers, I would have gotten nice (by nice, read big) sized portions of every single thing and gone back for more. Just being real. I like to eat. Instead, I chose brisket (OMG) and skipped the fried chicken. I had the cornbread and salad, and a very small serving of mac n chz, potatoes, and baked beans. Did I mention the brisket was possibly the best I have ever had? I went back for seconds of the brisket and cornbread, which were amazing. Then, I skipped dessert. A second serving of that brisket was worth skipping dessert.

I felt pretty good about my choices and I didn’t stress the fact that I didn’t know exactly how many points I was eating. I set out to enjoy the meal and I did that. Later that night, I went back and added all the food to the best of my ability and it turns out I went over my weeklies by six points. So I was in the negative. I still decided I wasn’t going to let it stress me out. Overall, I did better at that party than I had done for the last several years. I also just decided to eat under my points Sunday and Monday to make up for it.

Turns out if I go for a walk, I earn a few extra points too. So I walked Monday and Tuesday on my treadmill.

Every bit worth enjoying my two nights out. I love the flexibility.

I don’t feel deprived. I enjoyed both Moes and the party. I didn’t feel like it was hard either. The other days I had to make choices to eat lower point foods, but it’s still all good and delicious food.

I feel like this plan is workable, doable, and sustainable. I can eat what I want, as long as I count it and balance it out on other days. I can enjoy special events and parties and still feel amazing and lose weight. What is not to love about this?

I’ll keep checking in on Wednesdays with you, friends. If I ever don’t, feel free to call me out on it! I know every week won’t be perfect, but ya’all will help me stay accountable! Thank you!

Week 3 weight loss 2.2 lbs, Total weight loss 10.4 lbs

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