Accomplishment is a great feeling. That feeling of satisfaction, of I did it, of being able to do something on your own.

As a single mom, I get the opportunity to have many of these moments. I am so incredibly blessed to have the two most amazing parents in the world – who help with anything and everything I ever need them to. And to be honest, there are times I ask my dad for help simply because I know he can do it better and easier than me, and I just want his help to know I’m not in this life alone. My parents are always there for me.

But, there are still plenty of opportunities and times in my life when I just have to handle things on my own. When I have to adult. It’s a good thing, though. I want my daughter to see that I am able to do anything I put my mind to and that it feels really good to do it.

This picture was the first time I bought a bike rack, put it together, and managed to successfully put it on my car. It felt good. It was actually something Rae and I accomplished together because I needed her help to fit some pieces together. We joined our strength, managed to snap the pieces into place, and then figured out the right way to put it on the car – which involved giving up the first time once we realized we needed to order another piece from Amazon to make it work.

It’s not a big deal – putting a bike rack on the car – but it was still something we accomplished. And even little accomplishments feel so good.

Every time we accomplish something, we build on the knowledge that we are capable and strong and can achieve even more things. We build our self esteem, our confidence, and feel ready to tackle even bigger things. It creates a domino effect.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by something in your life right now, what if you start by accomplishing something really small? Rather than tackling the hardest or biggest item on your list, what if you first did the smallest, most insignificant one? Because even those help build our confidence and mental fortitude to face the next one. Check it off your list and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. Sit with it awhile. Then, when you are ready, head for the next one item on your list.

I think most self help books would tell you to face the hardest thing first, but from first hand experience as someone with anxiety, sometimes that is just too much. Looking at that mountain you have to scale can sometimes cause so much anxiety, it’s debilitating. You become unable to do anything at all.

So instead, focus on something small first and feel successful, then build on that. Accomplish the little things on your list and feel good about it. Then move forward when you’re ready. If we can take little steps, if we can crawl first, then eventually we walk. And when we are able to walk, we begin to run… or… maybe… you still walk for awhile.

But you know what?

Walking can take you an awful long way if you just keep at it.

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