Hello Monday

Good morning, Monday. It’s nice to see you. It’s time to start a new week, with new ups and downs, new experiences, new moments.

At times, I am the person that dreads Monday. However, I’m working on changing that. Every day is unique in it’s own beauty and what is to come. There is good in every day, even Monday, and I want to look for and find the good.

As luscious as weekends are, I don’t want to be the person rushing through life waiting for the next weekend, the next day off, the next holiday. I want to enjoy each day as it comes. Even Mondays.

So what is there to enjoy this day?

A delicious cup of coffee. I am not the kind of person that drinks coffee every day. I drink it when I want it and today, I am looking forward to it. Even better, it’s Monday, which means I can visit my besties room to make it during break.

Eighteen smiling faces lighting up to see me after the weekend and tell me how they are doing. I’m smiling just thinking about it. The voices can be overwhelming, clamoring for my attention, but the love is genuine and special.

One of the best things about Monday is that it is a brand, new, fresh, clean slate. A new week. Day One. The mistakes of last week are past and it’s a blank canvas ready to be painted. Will I choose joy and patience and peace this week? I certainly hope so. Am I ready to face what comes at me? For now, yes, yes I am.

The week will be what I make of it. Each day a new chance to rise with love, joy, and peace and carry it with me throughout the day. Each day a chance to record the good memories and focus on the things I most enjoyed. Each day a chance to teach my daughter to do the same.


Hello week, Let’s do this.

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