Be That Girl

I am so distracted this morning. I don’t think I can even write until I tell you that. My mind is running races both last night and since 5am this morning. Not about anything in particular… just going, going, and going. Very random things but exhausting! I’ve already done (tried) one meditation but will probably try another. Maybe after a nap!

But on to today’s post

Women are important in each other’s lives. We get each other. Most women have the same struggles with self esteem, loving them selves, body image, worthiness, shame, you name it. And because we struggle with the same things, we have a unique power to lift up or tear down. It’s different from a man’s point of view. We know just what to say to encourage another woman… and we know just how to push the buttons to destroy them, too.

From another angle, we know what can be said to encourage other women, but do we? Or do we remain silent for whatever reason? Should I tell her she looks gorgeous today, or will that be weird? Can I mention that her butt looks killer in those jeans, or is that going too far? Can I tell that woman that she is doing an epic job at raising her kids? But she doesn’t even know me!

My message today is Don’t hesitate. Compliment the heck out of other women. Tell them they look good, they’re doing good, they are good. Let them know that they are worthy of compliments and praise and kind words. Speak it, out loud, and often, to as many women as you can. Friends, coworkers, and strangers. Just do it.

Do it, and smile, and be that person.

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