Peace during a Full Moon

Today is Friday, the 13th and a full moon. I am really not superstitious. I actually love Friday the 13th just because I was born on the 13th (of July) and 13 is my favorite number. I also hate scary movies and everything gruesome. Just saying.

However, a full moon? That is not superstition. I’ve never looked up the reasons behind it or even know if there are actual scientific reasons, but every teacher knows a full moon is no joke. Kids are different during a full moon. (My police friends back this up fully and confirm that it’s not just kids that go all wack-a-doo.)

My prayer this morning was to focus on all of the good things that happen today, to remain patient and calm even as I will have to redirect more than usual, and keep to a normal routine schedule. Today, Peace will be my priority.

It has been a great start to the school year and I love every single one of my students. It has also been an exhausting, totally taxing, emotionally draining, I’m a hot mess by dismissal time, start to the school year.

It is what it is. I have a lot of kids with special needs and getting the school year started off right is critical to having a great rest of the year. I have to be tough and consistent and on top of it every second of the day. It pays off though. My kids will learn and grow and leave my class better humans – if all goes as planned.

This week, I’ve been really trying hard to be calm and happy throughout the day. To not allow myself to get frustrated but just be with the class as we go through this process. It’s hard to separate the emotions from the actions. Wednesday was a good day – I did well. Yesterday was a little more taxing with curriculum night until 7pm and a change in the schedule during the day.

And now today. Full Moon Friday the 13th.

My goal is to end the day full of joy and peace, because no matter what happens my life is good and my students are lovely.

I will pause throughout the day to breathe. I will remind myself that peace is a option. I will take all the time I need to help the students be prepared for each activity, even if it means less work gets accomplished. If it’s what they need today, then it’s what WE need today. If we need extra time in the halls, we will take it. I will be patient, and they will eventually get it right.

I will praise all the good moments and clip students UP on the chart today as much as possible. I will hand out cougie cash to those students who are working so hard, even if I run out of it. I will discipline if and when I need to, but without frustration because their choice = their consequences. It doesn’t have to affect my peace of mind.

Today will be a good day.

I have that power.

I have the superpower to make it so.

Today, peace is my priority.

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