Weight Watchers Week 2

I switched my weigh in day to Wednesday… I figured I like to save my bonus points for the weekend and I want a day or two to even that out before checking in for the week.

So Wednesdays will be my day to talk about my journey to better health. I try not to say weight loss… of course, I do want to lose weight. But, it is more about being healthy and feeling good and I never want my daughter to hear me say anything negative about my body. I do want her to see me working on my health and taking care of myself.

The second week was a little trickier than the first. Remember that post I wrote about getting super anxious at the birthday party Saturday night? Well, I am an emotional eater and they had a great spread of pizza, chicken, and garlic cheesy bread for Dominoes. I’m a sucker for pizza and especially cheesy bread. I ate the things.


I also tracked the things. Everything I ate, I tracked. I used most of my bonus points in that meal – but then I stopped. I could have eaten more. I wanted to eat more. Once I logged what I had already had though, I realized it was enough, and I could stop. So I did. And that right there is what I love about WW. I really can eat what I want as long as I track it and balance it out on other days.

So, then, yesterday was my last day before weigh in Wednesday and I still had 10 bonus points left. I went to… Mcdonalds for breakfast. Gosh, ya’all, fast food is my weakness. It’s so pathetic. Again, though, I counted the points and did not go over. I only ate what I had points for and saved enough for the rest of the day.

I was feeling guilty over that one. I didn’t need it, I just wanted it, and I know fast food is my weakness and I’m trying to stay away.

Then again, I counted the points and the cost and that is sort of a victory in and of itself.

So even though I took some detours this week, as a whole – I did exactly as I needed to do. I may have used all of my points for the week, but I had them to use. And all of my other meals for the entire week… and snacks… were so healthy!!

So hang on a sec… do I want to focus on the two meals I feel bad about or can I think about the 19 meals plus snacks every day that I did freakin awesome at??? Ok, so quick mindset change right there! I rocked this week!!

Most of all, I want to be honest with this journey to you humans on the internet reading what I have to say. If you’re on weight watchers or thinking of joining, you can clearly see you don’t have to be perfect… just stick to the plan and track everything. Celebrate your successes, not your failures, and as my beautiful friend Crystal would say…. Just keep going!

Week 2 Weight loss 1.8 pounds, Total weight loss 8.2 pounds.

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