Cupcakes & Miracles

Recently, my best friend at Brave Blessed and Beautiful wrote about her “But and Suddenly” miracle time of life. It’s a 3 part series in which she tells about a time in her life where everything seemed hopeless, but she chose faith, and God worked a miracle in her life. It’s an amazing story and you can read about it here, here, and here

This picture makes me think of that period of life because we were desperately praying for a miracle and I came across this little gem on facebook…

It became my way of lifting her up. I kept sending her pictures of cupcakes and quotes about miracles. She has the strongest faith I know, but some things will break even the best of us. She was hurting, I was hurting… our village was praying and I wanted to do anything I could to encourage her and keep her going. To help her, and myself, to keep our eyes on the miracle we were praying for.

Why share this now?

I believe in miracles. I believe they can happen anytime and any place. I’ve written about my own miracle story here:

And right now a man named Horus needs a miracle, too. Will you take a moment to send up a prayer for him? Not only do I believe in miracles, I believe in the power of prayer when it comes to miracles… and the power of lots of people praying together.

The image of cupcakes became special during this time of our lives… but it also illustrates how visual images can be great reminders to us when it comes to positive mindset, prayer, and affirmations.

Whenever we saw a cupcake, it was a reminder to pray and believe that God was working. Even to this day, when I see a cupcake, it makes me smile. It reminds me of God’s goodness and his answers to prayer.

Are you in the middle of something right now? Do you need a miracle? Pray and believe. Hold onto faith because it’s possible. Pick an image – cupcakes or other – and place it around you… on your mirror and in your car, next to the TV and computer monitor, and make it the home screen of your phone. Whenever you see it, pray and believe.

Perhaps it’s not a “miracle” you need… but something different. Maybe you want to make healthier choices or take more chances or speak kinder words. Maybe you want to really hold onto an affirmation so that it becomes second nature. The same strategy applies. Pick an image and put it around you so that you see it all the time, over and over again throughout the day. And every time you see it… say your affirmation, put out your intention, say your prayer for what you desire.

One of the hardest parts of praying, and I feel like I need to say this, is understanding that God sometimes says no. Sometimes, He knows better than us what needs to happen and why. I believe that everything that happens is working together for a higher purpose… but that doesn’t always help in the moment. I’ve had to listen to No before… in intense and terrible situations. It sucks. I can look back now and see what God was doing in my life and how it worked out for the best but in those moments is great darkness. Do your best to hold onto your faith… to trust… and to know that things will eventually get better. The valley comes before the mountain top. God is with you, even in the valley, even when He has to say no, even when we don’t understand what is going on. Pray and believe… and trust.

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