Don’t Let a Bad Morning Turn into a Bad Day

Well, then. This morning is not going as planned.

My daughter and I have both had trouble sleeping for the past three nights. I have a huge knot between my neck and shoulder blades that’s really hurting and when I got out of bed this morning, I tripped over the treadmill and crashed into the lamp and wall.

I am seething with irritability.

Then, I think… OK, but I have one hour to myself. One hour of meditation, prayer, and blogging. I can reset….

But you know how it goes… my computer stopped working and had to restart which led to a 35 minute update. I have exactly 11 minutes to write and finish this blog.

Wait, I paused to relive the last bad few minutes so what can I say in… 10 minutes?

Here’s the deal. I know how this day can go. I can let every little thing set me off, continue to dwell on what’s already gone wrong, building onto the irritation and forcing me to focus on every wrong thing that can and could and might happen for the rest of the day…

or I can fight it.

I can…

  • take some deep breaths
  • list all of the things I’m thankful for in this moment and/or about this day
  • do an extra meditation when I have the chance (they are only ten minutes)
  • listen to some good music on the way to work
  • hug my daughter
  • remind myself that this will pass
  • be in the moment (not the past, not this morning, not telling everyone I see how bad my morning started)
  • breathe some uplifting essential oils
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • Drink and enjoyable coffee
  • Tell Jokes with my daughter
  • dress a little nicer today
  • Remind myself that my students that are coming today are excited to see me and deserve my best

We have to stop a bad day before it gets rolling. One thing leads to another to another… but we can stop the forward momentum if we really want to. So here goes… Happy Tuesday to us all!

Two minutes left and I want to post… please excuse any typos today!

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