Magical Thoughts

Can I talk about Disney today? I love Disney. I miss Disney. From the time my punkin was two years old through 7 years old, we have had Disney Annual Passes. This past Christmas, we decided to let the passes lapse and get Sea World/Busch Gardens passes instead.

We miss Disney.

I think part of if it stems from the fact that the first several years of my daughter’s life involved some very traumatic and dark events for both of us. Disney became our happy place, our escape.

We would go, leave behind the darkness and yuck and fears, and just be in the most magical place on Earth. Her and I… and all the pixie dust. We got really good at setting aside the normal life stress for magic instead. It’s a habit we carried back home with us after every trip, too.

When we want to think of a happy place for meditation or for calming down, we often think of Disney and the two of us together. If I need a pick me up, I can look back at all the pictures and videos we have together, and instantly feel better. I can close my eyes and vividly imagine so many moments where the magic was so real in my daughter’s eyes… moments that brought me tears of joy.

Yes, Disney is Magic.

The power of our thoughts amazes me. We can think and ruminate on something bothering us to the point where we lash out at anyone who comes near because we are absolutely miserable… and… we turn our thoughts to our happy place, wherever that may be, and slowly but surely calm our minds, relax our bodies, and feel happy.

With. Our. Thoughts.

That is power. Power over our feelings. Power over our bodies. Power to change your mood, power to change your day, power to change your life.

Your life? Well, Yes. There is a law in the universe that says whatever you spend your time dwelling on, really thinking on, you will bring more of that to you. In other words, the more magical things you think of… the more magic you bring into your own life! The more happy memories you think about, the more happy moments you are bringing towards your future self!

There’s more to it than that… and yet, that is enough for daily life if you grasp it. Think happy = experience happy.

That’s not to say that bad things don’t still happen in life. They do. My thoughts turn to a man named Horus who is in ICU at this moment. If you would, please send a prayer or good vibes for his healing right now.

I don’t know him personally, but I have two friends that I love who are hurting right now because of this situation. I would never tell them to just be happy and happy things will come at a time like this. Life is way more complicated than that.

We do have to face dark, scary things in life. We have to face them and walk through them and sometimes tell ourselves to keep breathing. It hurts and it’s not something a quick bandaid will fix.

I do think it’s important to have a safe place to decompress when time allows. Life is such a journey of highs and lows. In the pits of the lows, I never said “this is unbearable agony but Disney makes it better. Let me just think about princesses and castles.” I wish.

No, I trudged through one painful step at a time. But when there was a break… when I could take a breath and get away… I did. When there was a breather between major painful events, I took my daughter and myself and we went to a happier place. And we enjoyed it with every fiber of our being.

Maybe it’s balance. Maybe it’s what kept me from absolutely going insane. Maybe it’s what God gave me to even the scales a bit – this ability to escape and be happy at Disney. Whatever it was… is.. I’m so thankful for it.

And I can’t wait to go back.

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