Life Together

The best kinds of friendships are the ones where you do life together. Where you are willing to do life with them and they are willing to do life with you. When they are willing to let you in enough to just be and you are willing to let them in enough to act as is. No pretense. No mask.

When there doesn’t have to be a plan or a purpose.

When you don’t have to think before you speak.

When you don’t have to worry about judgement.

When you can show up and throw your kids wet clothes in the dryer without asking. And make yourself a coffee. Or eat a piece of cheese from the fridge.

When you know the kids are gonna play, you are gonna cook, and conversation will come in bits and pieces but be so welcome and so needed.

My favorite type of friend days look just like this. Pool swimming, dress up happening, toys and bikes, and cooking, and good food, and coffee, and conversation, and snuggles and hugs from littles that you love.

Where it’s comfortable and easy and feels right.

My daughter asked me last night how you “get” a tribe, a village. I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer that other than it’s the family you choose for yourself. The friends that are more than friends. The people, other than your family, that you most want to do life with.

I am so thankful for my village… all 15 of us. It was hard to concentrate this morning… but this post goes out to my village, my tribe. Thank you for being an important and favorite part of my life.

Do you have a village? Have you found your tribe? My daughter was curious if everyone had one. I think… probably not. Although, I wish everyone did. It makes life so much better.

P.S. This is the one of the reasons I could not concentrate this morning. #dragonsareawesome

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