Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? You know, that list of things that you want to do or accomplish in your life? For me, my bucket list is a list of adventures. Yes, I do love adventures.

I mentioned yesterday that I love doing something new that I’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be crazy or dangerous, often it is just something I’ve never tried before. I really am drawn to see and do and experience things that I’ve never seen, done, or experienced before.

This picture is one example. I always wanted to go apple picking! I wanted to walk through an apple orchard and pick my own apples. I live in Florida – we have orange trees. Not the same.

So when I got the opportunity, while in the Smoky Mountains during Hurricane Irma, we drove an hour just to pick some apples. 100 million percent, worth it.

I tell my students all the time – Your brain only grows when it’s hard. If it’s easy, there’s no reason for your brain to change. It has to be hard, you have to struggle, if you want your brain to grow.

Turns out experiences are similar. I decided to do a little research to see if there was some background information on perhaps why I like new experiences so much – or if there is a benefit to it… and there is!

Have you ever said that time is moving too fast? Turns out that one possibility is because the more familiar we are with things, the less our brain is really paying attention. When we keep doing what we’ve always done, we go on autopilot. When we choose to do something new, our brain wakes up, and time seems to slow down. How interesting is that? I’ll link some articles below if you’d like to read more.

Another article said new experiences, things you haven’t done before, activate the brain to learn and grow. I also learned that new experiences trigger dopamine in the brain which is is related to memory formation. Want to remember an event with someone special more vividly? Do something brand new together!

Want some non-scientific reasons to try new things?

  • Learn about yourself
  • Boredom busters
  • Make new friends
  • Find something you love
  • Boost your confidence! Trying new things is an incredible boost to the self esteem and way to combat a fearful lifestyle!
  • FUN
  • Break out of your routine
  • Make yourself smile and laugh
  • Give yourself a chance to not take life too seriously

My personal current new thing on my list is to go axe-throwing! There is a place in town to do this thing… and because it’s something I’ve never done… Man, do I want to do it!! Looking for a girl’s night, friends…

Some other things on my bucket list are

  • Rock Climbing – actual rock climbing
  • Surfing
  • Paris, Ireland, Italy, Niagara Falls, plus take my punkin to see other parts of the US that I love
  • Bungee exercise class
  • Take a cooking class
  • Pretty much anything that comes up as a possibility that I haven’t yet done

What’s on your bucket list? What’s on your immediate bucket list (like axe throwing since it’s local and available) and your big bucket list (something like Paris that will take time to get to)? I’d love to know!

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