Rest is Coming

It’s Friday, a beautiful day for many. It means we reached our goal for the week. We made it through, hopefully did some amazing things, added to other human’s piles of good things, laughed at ourselves, and built up ours and other’s precious confidence.

For many of us, it’s the last day of the work week. We can breathe a little easier knowing that rest is up ahead. We face the day with a lighter step knowing that it’s the last reading block, the last center rotation, the last math lesson of the week. #teacherlife

We have worked hard, very hard, and will continue to do so today. But then. Yes, then, we have two days off. As much as we may love our jobs and know the importance of what we do, especially as teachers, we need these days off.

Days to recharge, to not hear our name called 507 times in one hour, to pee when we want to, and dare I say it? Maybe even take a nap? Ok, Mommy friends, I hear you laughing. We still got mommin to do. But even that – we get to focus on just our babies for the next two days and that’s beautiful too.

Fridays are just a little easier because we know rest is coming.

It’s a little like life. There are times we walk through dark valleys. Deep darkness, sadness, tragedy, loss, trauma. It’s hard during those times. Bone shaking, heart dread, barely breathing, hard. But there is rest coming. There is always rest coming. If we can just keep moving forward, sometimes one breath at a time, one step at a time, we are moving towards the rest.

Dark valleys don’t last forever. The sun will shine again. One day it will be easier to breathe and you won’t have to think about every step you take. One day, you will smile again and realize the tide is turning. It won’t happen over night, but every day that you push through, you are closer and closer to the rest. The reprieve. The beginning of something new.

I believe that often the worst things that happen in our life eventually lead to the best things in our life. It’s been my experience, anyway. When we can get through the darkness, we able to look back and realize it was meant for good. If we can trust that God knows what He is doing in our lives, then we know that good, sweet, rest is coming.

I wrote about a time in my life when terrible things happened. I prayed in anguish for help and God didn’t respond the way I wanted him too. In fact, He said NO. My best friend used this story in her blog and I feel led to send you to her post – my story and her thoughts on how God is always working out what is best in our life.

You can read it here:

Today’s post took a sharp turn to a place I wasn’t expecting… but I’m running with it because it most likely means someone needs to hear it.

Thank you for those that read and like my blog! It’s such an encouragement to me every day! Happy Fri-Yay! Enjoy your weekend!

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