Laugh at Yourself

I’m going to piggy back off of yesterday’s post where I said not to take yourself too seriously. Life is fun and tricky and silly and sad and runs the gamut of emotions, we all know that. The big things in life… we do need to handle those with care. But many of the little things in life… we put too much energy into those things. We let little things upset us, get us off our game, cause frustration, anger, and even temper tantrums. Yes, with adults too. Just doesn’t always look like lying down on the floor kicking and screaming. Thank Goodness.

Does it really matter if you are stuck in traffic? Or can you put on some of our favorite music and dance like no one is watching? Even though they sometimes are… hey, give them a show. They are stuck in traffic too!

Here’s one for me… does it REALLY matter if the person in front of you is driving 10 miles BELOW the speed limit? I can feel the pressure building in me thinking about that one, gotta work on that!

Does it really matter if you forgot to spray the new brownie divider with cooking spray and the brownies come out in a crumbled mess? Or can you take a picture, laugh about it, and eat brownie bites instead?

Is it really the end of the world if you spill your coffee, coke, or favorite drink? I mean, I get it, it’s upsetting… but you have a choice to make in these situations. Allow it to ruin the rest of your hour, morning, or day… or roll with it, laugh, and choose happy instead.

Happy is a choice. We will always have annoying little things happen in our day. Just is. You can tally up them up, complain about them to everyone, forcing your brain to then really watch for all of the things that go wrong, just to add to your list, and be miserable.


You can laugh it off. Chalk it up to normal every day life. Make a meme out of it. Share it with a friend in a way that makes them laugh. That 1 inch binder you ordered off of Amazon for your daughter for school that was smaller than your hand when it showed up? Seriously, it’s funny.

Post your brownie fail on Facebook – make others laugh over the ridiculousness. Really, turn it into something funny, laugh at it yourself, and use it to make others laugh and BOOM, your day will be a million times better.

AND by focusing on the happy, you will be training your brain to look for more things to be happy about. Your brain will be learning to take little annoying situations and make them funny.

Life is better that way.

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