Don’t take it too seriously

A funny, lighthearted story for you today.

Once upon a time, my bestie and I took our families out of Florida to escape the path of Hurricane Irma. We ended up in South Carolina where we all (9 of us) crammed into one crummy hotel room. I froze them out because I’m a polar bear and they are summer (but they love me anyway, thank goodness) and we had a few adventures.

One such adventure was to visit the Beef Jerky Outlet at the request of her oldest son. I’m game for anything, literally, so off we went. We enter the store and immediately notice that there are free samples. Yum!

My punkin and I head to the free sample bin. I read the names around the edges (there were like 6 – 8 different samples in there) and all of them sounded fiery hot. Names with words such as hot, flaming, torch, etc. I go for the only one that doesn’t have a synonym for hot in it’s name, but also not really paying attention to the name. I grab two small pieces – Rae takes one and I take the other. She was six at the time.

I pop the piece in my mouth and she basically licks hers, being slightly cautious, as many kids are. Immediately, we die.

No, for real, it was the hottest, most spiciest thing I have ever tasted. Our eyes are watering, we are gagging. The heat level from one tiny bite is just dumb. I spin back to the bin of samples and realize, nice and big over the whole bin, it says HOT ZONE. I look down at the name of the jerky I just ate and fed to my daughter… it’s name is… The Reaper. Dun, Dun, Dun.

We rush to the water fountain and take turns trying to get the fire out. Not that it’s helping much.

Meanwhile, my bestie? Laughing. Her. Butt. Off.

Oh, isn’t that what best friends are for? I’m laughing right now just thinking about that moment. Even though our mouths were burning, Rae and I were both laughing too. What had we done? What will it take for me to be a bit more observant? Wanna know what else was all around the store? Many, many other bins of free samples… none of which were HOT.

Out of curiosity, I asked the store cashier which was the hottest jerky they sold in the store? You know it. The Reaper. Still laughing and shaking my head at myself. Memories are the best things.

Moral of the story today? Laugh at yourself. Laugh at your silly mistakes. Show your kids that even adults make mistakes and it’s OK. Learn from it. In some cases, be just a bit more observant. Please.

Enjoy life, even the crazy, spicy bits. Hang out with people that will laugh with you. Try new things. Don’t let setbacks make you hide from life. If one thing doesn’t turn out the way you expected, try another.

Life is fun. Roll with the punches and do your best to enjoy it.

And don’t eat the Reaper.

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