Vast & Brilliant

I have always loved this quote.

To me, it implies that there is so much inside us. There is so much that goes into who we are are and what lies in our hearts and souls and minds. There is wonder and adventure and curiosity and love and magnificence and mistakes and failures and successes and victories and… so… much… more.

Often times, we play life small. Hidden. Out of sight. Wallflower, perhaps. Don’t notice me… I’m not important. What I have to say, think, or do is not as important as others. We hide the brilliance inside of us. And I do think all of us have brilliance inside of us although it looks different for everyone.

Possibly we play life… well medium. We’ve got some things to say and sometimes we say them. We’ve got things we want to do in life and sometimes we do them. And sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we speak up… and sometimes we are too afraid. We believe in ourselves to a point. But there is nothing super amazing about us. We are pretty average. Or so you think.

Synonyms of vast include immense, immeasurable, epic, expansive, boundless, and limitless. Those are beautiful, strong words. Inside each of us, there is such potential. Immense dreams, immeasurable value, epic adventures awaiting to be had. The thoughts we are capable of thinking are limitless and our feelings so expansive. You, my friend, are truly epic.

All of the potential that exists in you, just waiting to be shared with the world. Don’t hide it. Please, don’t hide that from the rest of us. You have so much to offer. Your ideas, your adventures, the love you have to share… the world needs it. The world needs more of you. Not what you think you should be, just you.

Open up. Take some chances. Reach out to someone and tell them how you feel. Plan a new adventure – no matter how big or small. Help others. Be Kind. Share your crazy ideas with your boss, your friends. Don’t be afraid. Grab a friend and go hike some waterfalls. Swim upstream. Learn to paint or rock climb or cook or ride a bike. Give your all at your job and in your family and take care of yourself too. Be willing to acknowledge your big, scary, dreams and start chasing them.

Don’t be delicate, sweet friends. You are not dainty or fragile or weak. Be vast and brilliant… just as you were created to be.

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