Learn to Surf

Life is full of waves, hmm? Things that don’t go as planned, missed opportunities, frustrating circumstances, unforeseen events, and everyday mishaps. Every darn day… although, certainly some days worse than others. It’s rare to have a day of just smooth sailing. That’s life.

We do have a choice in how we respond to it. We can let it derail us from our attempt at a positive lifestyle. We can seeth in anger, fester in the frustration, and complain… oh, the complaining. I’m the first one to reach out to my friends to vent (and I think that’s ok)… but I do believe in getting it out and moving on as soon as possible. The longer we talk about it, the longer we hold onto those yucky feelings, the worse they become. A bad five minutes can easily turn into a horrible, no good, very bad day.

Instead, we have tools to use and strategies we can put in place.

  • Talk to your closest friends, get it out, but then let it go. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t keep talking about it. Also, don’t tell everyone you know.
  • Change your thoughts. Take the negative and put a positive spin on it. This may seem awful now, but it will work out for my best.I choose to trust. Or. That person is really annoying me but I don’t know what she’s going through. I choose compassion instead. (Don’t let others take advantage of you but sometimes just thinking about the fact that we do not know other’s stories can help stop the anger over it.)
  • Look for a solution. What can you do about it? Are there any proactive steps you can take? Can you prevent it from happening again? Do you need to set boundaries?
  • Ride the waves. Things will not always go as planned. Have a flexible spirit. Adopt a go with the flow attitude.
    • Ok, this was not what I expected but I can roll with it. I got stuck in traffic and I’m late to work – it is what it is. I’ll apologize and get started on what needs to be done.
    • And there goes my coffee right down the front of my shirt. I guess I’ll let my students know that even adults make mistakes and we get to enjoy the aroma of hazelnut all day.
    • This lesson is not going as planned. No one is engaged and everyone is talking… time to switch it up. Deep breath. New attention grabber and impromptu lesson change ahead. Is the computer lab available?
    • It’s the 2nd day of school and my throat is killing me. Time for hot tea, throat drops, and creative ways to get students to listen quietly. I’ve got this. Quiet game anyone?

The waves will come whether we like it or not. The decision is up to you… Sink or Surf.

A quick side note. I’ve only been blogging for about two weeks and I’ve spent many of those days talking about strategies to use on the “average day.” I’d like to note that I’m not talking about traumatic events in our lives. Those situations are a whole different beast and take more to get through. I’m sure I will write about that eventually, but for now, I’m talking about the every day struggles of an ordinary time of life.

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