A Positive Lifestyle

Positivity is a choice – wake up and smile. 🙂 I love it.

This is my first 5am wake up call since summer is finished and today is the first day of school for students! My daughter was asleep by 8:30pm, I had an early night, and then… my echo dot went off 4 – 5 times last night flashing and making noises. My daughter must have been dreaming because she yelled out a few times, and there goes my great night’s sleep!

I’m feeling it a bit… but… I am also so excited! All around the county, for the next hour and a half, teachers and students will be waking up to a brand new school year. Little tummies will have butterflies. Students will have that feeling of this is new, this is different, I’m not sure what to expect. Teachers are hoping to get the year started off right with a great first day of building relationships and establishing routines. Nerves and excitement, joy and fear, this day is full of feelings and emotions.

Every day, we make choices that decide how we are going to feel. Our thoughts lead to our feelings and we are in charge of our thoughts. Now, this takes some practice as most of us are used to letting our thoughts run the show. But when we start listening to our thoughts, we can decide if they are worth thinking or not. We can change them, if we should.

Take today. A thought may pop in our head – What if no one likes me today? If we allow that thought to ruminate, we will feel anxious, nervous, and sad. If we catch that thought, we can change it. Everyone will like me today. I am kind. I am smart. I am a good friend. (There are those I ams that I am such a big fan of.) The positive affirmations give us that boost of good feelings, of self confidence, and thoughts that today really will be a good day. We then feel better.

Thought: What if the students get out of hand? What if I can’t handle it? Catch it. Change it. I am a great teacher. I have good classroom management. I will show the students I love them and teach the expectations of the classroom clearly and with fun. Smile, teacher friend, you’ve got this.

Thought: Third grade is going to be so hard. I’m not smart enough to do the work. Catch it and change it! I am so intelligent. Third grade is going to be fun. I am willing to work hard and ask for help when I need it. It’s going to be a great year!

We have the power, every day and in every moment, to change our thoughts. And when we change our thoughts, our feelings follow. The more positive thoughts we have, we choose, the happier and more at peace we will feel. Most of the things we worry about, never really happen anyway. So why waste time, energy, and emotions in worrying about them? Catch those negative thoughts, change them to positive, and feel fantastic.

It’s not easy at first. We have to be present and really paying attention to what we are thinking about. That’s not normal for most people. It takes effort and constant redirection of our thoughts. The more we choose positive thoughts, the easier it becomes. When we do it every day, several times every day, it begins to become a habit. As we build that habit, it eventually becomes second nature.

That’s not to say that the negative thoughts never pop in. But when they do, we quickly recognize them and can turn them around. That’s when it’s become a lifestyle. A positive lifestyle. It’s a goal worth shooting for.

Today will be amazing. Happy first day of school to all the teachers and students out there! It’s going to be a great one!

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