Like a Boss

Yesterday, when I wrote about moments, one of my own lines caught my attention. “You are magnificent chef.” Is it vain to say that my own words made me smile? I’m really beginning to enjoy cooking and the thought of telling myself how magnificent I am at it was silly but fun and it made me smile.

It also got me thinking. We spend so much of our time criticizing ourselves. It’s second nature to most of us and happens on a subconscious level often. It’s the reason we need “I ams” and positive thinking and to retrain our brains! Thoughts like that was dumb. What did you do that for? That wasn’t a good choice. OMG I can’t believe you did that. Idiot! What were you thinking? That was awful. You messed that one up again. Sound familiar? Your thoughts may be way more harsh or even more subtle but unless you have an active practice of mindfulness and affirmations, I’d bet money your internal thought life sounds a lot like that.

So my thought was… what if, as a way to combat all the negatives, we just got really silly and outrageous and spent all day telling ourselves how amazing we were?! Not in an arrogant or show off way. Not as a way to make ourselves feel better than others. But as a way to just make ourselves smile and laugh and change the script of our subconscious.

Imagine… you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom (everyone does that first, right?) and start your day and think… Wow, you amazing human you. Just getting right up and starting your day like a boss. Props to you, my friend. You make your coffee, take that first sip, and Wow. You are a master coffee maker. Gold star, you fantastic Barista! Singing in the shower? You could win American Idol, you diva. You eventually head to work and congratulate yourself on driving. Nascar like relexes, Smooth driving skills. Bring on the Daytona 500.

Are you getting the idea? Hilarious. So over the top EXTRA… but I can only imagine how much I would smile if I continued this throughout the day! Forcing my thoughts beyond the negative, beyond the accepting, beyond the “I’m ok” to I really rock this world.

I know that personally I am not in danger of become cocky and “better than you” by thinking this way. I’m definitely not meaning to use it in a way to brag or sound crazy to others. Rather, as a simple tool to change our thinking from negative to positive in the most ridiculous extra way I can think of.

Shall we try it today? Give it a test run? I’ve never done this myself. Totally a new idea but I think it could be life changing. And once we get used to speaking to ourselves this way, maybe we pass it on to others. Tell them how amazing they are!

For today though… Be silly. Be absolutely absurd today in your thoughts. Maybe even with your best friend or your spouse (you know, someone who will understand haha). Let’s do it and share our results. Comment below and tell me what crazy ridiculous compliments you gave yourself today and what you thought of the exercise!

Here’s to a stunning day, you wondrous ray of sunshine, you.

2 Comments on “Like a Boss

  1. Absolutely on board! The world is o er-the-top negative some days. Why not counter it with some over-the-top positivity? GREAT post!


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