Fall in Love with Moments

Moments are wonderful things. Little snippets of time full of life and soul. There are very significant moments in life… the first moment your baby smiles, or laughs, or says mama. Your first moment of school. The moment your name is called at graduation. Special moments – moments that will never be forgotten.

There are lots and lots of other moments though. Hundreds of thousands of moments in between all of those monumental ones. Moments that can easily be overlooked and dismissed. Moments that we are not present in… the moments when our little ones want to play pretend for the thousandth time, moments at fun events when we get distracted by our phones. #guilty Moments that we let the sadness of the past or worry from the future steal from us.

One of the best things that I have learned from counseling is to be in the moment. Be really in the moment. Set aside distractions, look the moment in the face, and enjoy it. Breathe it in. See it, hear it, feel it. Be all in.

When you’re writing lesson plans, write them. Just do that one thing. Plan a great lesson, be proud, finish, and move on. When you’re making dinner, be that chef. Chop the onions, saute the veggies, season the food and savor the moment. You are a magnificent chef. When you sit down to watch a movie – go ahead and just enjoy the heck out of that movie.

When you’re having family game night – be there. Laugh with your kids. Play the game. Try to win. Celebrate who ever does win. Laugh some more. When your child is trying to talk to you, listen. Ask questions. Look at their little face – memorize the freckles and dimples and sparkle in their eyes. When a student hugs you, hug them back. Let them know they are loved and worthy of that moment.

When you give someone your moments, you are saying they are valuable and worthy of your time. When you allow yourself to be in the moment, you are saying that YOU are valuable and worthy of the time. I can’t think of a better message to send.

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