I was watching Doctor Who last night… in case you didn’t know it’s about a mad man with a box. An alien who travels through time and space. It’s about exploring the universe and ourselves, fighting evil where it’s found, and showing that everyone is deserving of a chance. It’s about… Wait, I digress. Yes, I am a huge Doctor Who fangirl nerd. I’m ok with that.

Anyway… one of the characters in the episode said he didn’t trust anybody and never needed anyone and one of the Doctor’s companions responded “We are stronger together.” I love that. Life is better with friends. It doesn’t have to be many but a tribe of like minded people traveling with you makes the biggest difference in the world.

Today, I go back to work as a teacher. It’s the first day back after summer and I’m so excited to see my friends and begin another year of touching lives, teaching students, and inspiring others. Ooh, was that cheesy? I think most teachers feel this way. It’s not about the job, but the kids.

However this first week back… it’s about the teachers. ( Boy, I’m a bit all over the place this morning.) There is something about coming back after summer and seeing everyone again that starts the year off right. We will gather together this week, enjoy each others company, and work together to begin a new year. We will share ideas, ask each other questions, talk about the kids, and ready out classrooms. We will seek each other’s advice and share each other’s struggles this year. We will lean on each other, vent to each other, help each other, lift each other up, and share chocolate and coffee and occasionally Chipoltle chips and guac. What’s life without chips and guac?

I’m so thankful for my teacher friends.

Here’s to a new year, new students, new challenges, and new triumphs. Here’s to my teacher friends, off to change the world – one student at a time.

Side note: Shout out to my friend Vanessa at Not only is she my best friend in life, we get to teach together too! I took this picture one day, laughing about how we are so different in some ways. She is the yin to my yang, the summer to my winter! She’ll take her hot coffee straight-up with a bit of milk. I’ll take mine iced with lots of cream and sugary flavor, thanks.

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